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Seasons of Bangladesh


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Bangladesh meets six charming seasons in a year-each distinct from the other in respect of gaiety, color and complexion. The sweet varieties of the seasons and the colors pictured by these seasons are full of life and pleasant. The seasons also portray the mind of the people of Bangladesh.

The Summer comes with sweltering heats punctuated at times by devastating Kalboishakhi(seasonal storm) with the accompaniment of thunder, lightning and hailstorm.

Then the Rainy season comes with its heavy raindrops often flooding and inundating rivers, meadows, fields and countryside. It seems that the country bathes in fresh waters when the exotic flowers bloom and rhythmic sounds of rainfall resembles a melodious symphony.

White clusters of clouds lazily plying over the deep blue sky and various indigenous flowers rich with fragrance and color abound and the moonlit night says that early autumn has arrived. The season provides a typical rural setting, at the same time, gives a romantic aura.

Late Autumn is known as the harvesting season. Ripe yellowing paddy fields with mists, fog and dew drops on the leaves present a mystic look to the surrounding.

The winter comes after the late autumn when weather usually remains dry and temperature falls considerably. It is the season of variety of homegrown vegetables and delicious country cakes called Pitha.

The spring, the queen of all seasons then comes with music and merriment, marriage and festivals, blossoming flora and singing birds, bees and butterflies.

The six seasons shape and reshape the landscape and also influence the life-style of the people.


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