Electric Breast Pump For Baby Feeding


৳ 13,850.00

Features of Philips Avent Electric Breast Pump For Baby Feeding (UK)

  • Provides reliable suction
  • Best liability and Hygiene results
  • Ideal pump for breast care
  • Extracts remained breastmilk to stimulate lactation
  • Breast Care Pump with Glass shield

Name of Brand & Price:

  • Brand: Philips Avent
  • Price: ৳ 13,850

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The Philips Avent Single Electric breast pump has a unique design so your milk flows directly from your breast into the bottle or container, even when you’re sitting up straight. This means you can sit more comfortably and be more relaxed when pumping and there’s no need for you to lean forwards – the more comfortable and relaxed mums feel, the milk will flow more naturally and easily.

When switched on, this quiet electric breast pump automatically starts in gentle stimulation mode to get your milk flowing. You can then choose from three pumping settings to make the milk flow comfortable for you. A massage cusion with a soft, velvety texture gives a warm feel against the skin for comfortable, gentle stimulation of your milk flow. The iconic petal cushion is designed to mimic your baby suckling to gently help stimulate let down.

The breast pump comes complete with a Philips Avent Natural bottle and teat which is easy for your baby to latch on, making it easier for you to switch between breast and bottle feeding when needed.

Designed to ensure that it is easy and convenient to use for busy mums, the Philips Avent Single Electric breast pump is easy to assemble and also easy to clean due to the small number of separate parts.


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